What is worship? 

Worship (the Greek word proskuneo) means “to bow down and kiss.”

What is praise?

Praise (the Greek word eulogeos) means “to bless, speak well of.”

Why do we dance? 

We dance to worship the Lord (Psalms 149:3, 150:4). We dance to praise the Lord for joy and victory (I Samuel 18:6, II Samuel 6:14, Judges 11:34).

Why do we shout? 

We shout before the Lord in joy and gladness (Psalm 47:1, Psalm 5:11, Psalm 35:27)

Why do we lift our hands?

We lift our hands to bless the Lord (Psalm 134:2, I Timothy 2:8, Psalms 119:48, 63:4).

Why do we leap?

We leap to praise the Lord (Acts 3:8, St. Luke 6:23).

Why do we prophesy? 

To edify (build up in the faith), exhort or comfort (II Chronicles 20:14-17,21; I Corinthians 14:3,4).

Why do we speak in tongues and interpret?

To interpret the message from God in an unknown language into the given language of the local congregation (I Corinthians 14:5, 13-25).